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«Sophia: Research on Fundamentals and Correlation of Knowledge» is a biannual international academic journal which seeks to reflect upon the meaning and contribution of the various academic fields in light of existential and intellectual wisdom and interpersonal, interdisciplinarian and intercultural dialogue.

The research revolves around Philosophy, Trinitarian Ontology, Theology, Epistemology, Political Studies, Economics and Management, Human sciences, Religions and cultures, Communication sciences, with an underlying commitment to reread the respective fields of study in a transdisciplinary epistemic perspective that qualifies it and offers expertise of exquisitely theoretical importance.

The Sophia journal (ISSN 2036-5047) is registered among the scientific journals of the Anvur (National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research System) for area 11 – Philosophical disciplines, and is in band A for sector 11/C2.

Issues published biannually since 2008:

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